What we offer

A number of different guided walk tours are offered. It can be historical, special themes or tailored for you. Guided walks can also include visits to any museum, depending on request.

The most common walk tour is Deep dive in the history of Stockholm, which describes the birth and historical evolvement of Stockholm from medieval time until today. We will make stops at squares, buildings and monument which are connected to the history. 

We offer guided walk tours about Industrial history (e.g. textile, brewing, shipyards, glassworks, engineering industry) in Stockholm from 17th century. Industrial walk tours can be arranged in different parts of Stockholm, for instance Kungsholmen and Södermalm but can also be tailored depending on interest.

Other special themes could for example be

  • Health care, Religion, Crime and punishment through the history
  • Following in the historical footstep of some famous persons, Nobel, Strindberg, Bellman, Hierta.
  • Visit Skansen, the worlds oldest open-air museum, a Sweden in miniature with old landscape houses from all over Sweden, showing customs and traditions mainly before the industrialism. There is also a zoo with swedish animals , e.g. bear, wolf, moose, lynx.
  • Deep dive in specific Events, e.g. the capsize of Vasa ship 1628 and salvage after 333 year, the union with Denmark ending with Stockholm blood bath 1520, when Gustaf IV was forced to resign 1809 and the history when Sweden imported a crown prince from France who later became Charles XIV Johan. Depending on your interest we can tailor a tour.

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Guide Service for DMC's

Offer guide services for DMC companies. It normally includes receiving cruising guests at a harbour, pan0rama tour in Stockholm including visits to several  museum/sights and perhaps a little walk tour in old town.

The guide service is flexible, and it is the DMC that decides the programme.

We are working with the big DMC's such as Strömma Turism, DMC Sweden and Baltic Gateway.

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Tailored event package

We offer private tailored event package for one day minimum.

We are flexible, for instance the package could include/combine

Guided walk tours

- Tailored for customer interest, for instance Old Town historic anecdotes, or a theme tour e.g. Industrial history, In the footsteps of Nobel, Brewing history.

Visit museums/tourist attractions e.g.

- Vasa Museum, Skansen open air museum, The Royal Palace, The City hall 

- Boat sightseeing, day trip or palace excursion.

Food & drinks, for instance

- Private cheese and wine tasting with the guide (max 4)

- Dinner with the guide, at a local restaurant

Live music

- End the evening with some great Live music in an old town pub, perhaps in a medieval cellar 

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